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Are Those Nonbillable Hours Piling Up?

Our back office specialists at Value Management Resources are trained to perform essential and timely billing, receivables management and accounting services for each client, regardless of practice size or complexity of the work. 

Our clients enjoy increased productivity and growth because they shift their focus from back office work to the practice of law. How much of your time do you spend each month creating and reviewing billing, sending out invoices and monitoring client accounts? 

What would your practice look like if you could exchange those nonbillable hours for billable ones?

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Working within your current billing or case management system, our Chicago-based team will access your billable time remotely, prepare prebills and electronically distribute those prebills to billers for review and editing.

Within two days of receiving prebill edits or approvals “as is,” modifications are made and final client bills are sent out.  If your firm is interested in exploring new or different billing or case management platforms, we will be happy to participate in the assessments and help guide the process based on your needs and preferences.


We’ve spent years helping clients manage their receivables to augment their bottom line and smooth out cash flow. We have developed a tiered protocol to address any outstanding payment issues. By working with VMR, legal professionals can keep the financial dimension of the client relationship separate from the actual legal work.


We all recognize that billing and collecting for your work are essential for you to be able to practice your craft. Equally important is recognizing that your practice is your business. It’s not what you learn in law school, but it’s the reality of running your own firm. Knowing your numbers and understanding what they tell you about the financial health of your operation is key to making sound management decisions not only about sustainability, but growth and security, as well.

We perform bookkeeping tasks and accounting reporting on a frequency that best suits your practice (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Using your case management system or your licensed QuickBooks Desktop, we maintain your books remotely either in our proprietary cloud or through your server. We record your income, pay your bills, process your payroll and provide you with accurate, timely reporting that will help you make informed decisions about the business side of your practice. We work with our clients so that they understand what their numbers indicate.

Successful clients consider us part of their team.

What would your practice look like if you could exchange those nonbillable hours for billable ones?

Contact us today to discuss how we might work together to get you out of the back office and back to building your practice.