Financial Reporting

A better understanding of your numbers

Financial reporting reveals what it costs to run your business at every level: by product, service, type of customer or client, at a particulate time of year, and in the aggregate. Value Management Resources can help you understand your cost of doing business. We apply your numbers into several different scenarios to produce a complete financial report card.

This service is helpful when firms are getting their financials together so they can secure outside funding. Lenders of all stripes require a lot of detail and explanation. Many of our clients have said they couldn’t have gotten funded without our help.

All successful businesses should monitor what it costs to do business, so they can price accordingly. Do your margins reflect what you need to make? Are they consistent with your operating plan? VMR can help you see these vital statistics more clearly. That’s the value we offer.

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We’ve been in business for just a couple of years now, and never really formalized our bookkeeping system. We are pleased with the relationship we’ve developed with VMR. They pull all of our information together and provide financial reports that make sense both to me and my accountant. Best of all, I learn more and more about running a business everytime I meet with my VMR rep.

Bryant Krizik, PresidentKrizik Consulting

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