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Bookkeeping, accounting, business office, back office–whatever you call this work, you can’t be effective without it. There are three levels of these services that every successful business owner needs:

Level 1  Bookkeeping and accounting, for start-ups & small companies
Level 2  Financial reporting, for growing firms
Level 3  CFO and consulting services, for mature companies

Most of our clients progress through these three tiers, usually starting with accounting and bookkeeping and then moving up the pyramid, so to speak. Some firms may start at one level and find that they don’t have the proper foundation in place, so we back track to get them up to speed.

We’re able to provide significant savings to our clients by streamlining their operations and trimming costs. Outsourcing your business office to Value Management Resources could save you up to 40 percent on your overhead costs.

Pyramid shaped graphic showing the 3 levels of services that Value Management Resources offers

We called on VMR to fill the gap while we searched for the next executive director for our chamber. They provided complete back office services, and met with our board several times to brainstorm on how to best serve our needs while keeping costs down during this period of change. We found them to be responsive, proactive, and easy to work with. We would highly recommend them to any organization.

Nancy MehallMidlothian Chamber of Commerce

Our Clients

We have experience working with entrepreneurs and executives on a wide range of needs, from setting up a remote business office to assisting companies in distress. We understand the unique considerations of industries in Chicago and the greater midwest. Our clients have great business ideas but need support to execute their vision. Our talented and experienced staff provides business owners and managers with the foundation they need to build a dynamic enterprise–at a fraction of the cost of maintaining that support in-house. We work with clients in a variety of fields, including construction companies, municipal governments, law firms, marketing agencies, and other firms offering professional services.

Collage of four photos showing different industries that Value Management Resources serves, including construction and professional services.

24/7 Online Access

Comprehensive & Cost Effective

VMR’s proprietary cloud services include web-based hosting, IT support, and file sharing, storage, and backups. Pay as you grow, and only for the services that you need.

Reliable & Secure

Our fully managed servers with enterprise-level security and 99.9% uptime ensure that your cloud environment is available and protected whenever you need it.

Simple & Scalable

Need more server space, stat? When you need more resources, we provide them immediately. When you don't, you won't pay for anything you don't use.
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